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by Nathan Henderson on Lloyd Mats
great product/great warranty

I have had Lloyd's berber mats in my Boxster for over three years. They show virtually no wear. When some stitching came loose on the driver's side mat, Lloyd's replaced my mats for no charge in just a few days. Many thanks to this company for their great products and excellent warranty and service.

by Bryan on Lloyd Mats
2014 Mustang GT 4 Pc Set Velourtex

Just received my set of 4 mats with embroidered GT logo on the fronts, and premium binding on all 4. I was in the dark as to what to expect, I couldn't find any examples of the mats in the vehicle online, so I bit the bullet and ordered. The mats are a bit brighter than my seats but I wasn't expecting a match, like I said, I couldn't find any photos of my vehicle with these mats online.

The mats look excellent. Very finely made and the materials are great. The only shortcoming is a slight fitment issue on the passenger side mat. Where it curves around the near the bottom of the door it seems to be just a bit too wide. There is some wiggle room with the snap in fasteners but it's just a slight bit too wide. Everything else fits exceptionally.

I am very particular about these kinds of small things but it's close enough that I'm comfortable keeping it.

I have put together an album of the mats and the minor fit issue:

Thanks to Bruce, Roberto, George, Jose, Edwin, Kal and Dolores for the fine work.

by James Regan on Lloyd Mats
WOW, gorgeous, they really are special!

Don't take time to review products very often except for an exceptional product and great service. The mats for my like new 2006 Pontiac Solstice are just plain gorgeous and add so much to the interior. For an extra $25 I was even able to add a Pontiac logo on both sides. Very pleased, very happy. Thank you!

by Dre Gilley on Lloyd Mats
Puts the OEM mats to shame!

I have a 2008 Chevrolet Impala SS with 97,000 miles on the clock. The car had the original floor mats on it and they were looking understandable worn. I looked at various brands of aftermarket mats when I discovered the thin, flimsy OEM mats cost as much as a customized set from more than one vendor! I settled on Lloyd because of the rep in the automotive forums I frequent. My biggest fear was receiving something that was obviously aftermarket and just looked out of place. What I can tell you, at least for the Impala, is that Lloyd mats *don't* look like the OEM mats, and that's a GREAT thing! Side by side with the Lloyd mats the OEM ones look like the cheap aftermarket alternative. The Lloyd mats are much more customized to the Impala than the OEM mats were. There are small cutouts and little extensions that exactly follow the lines on the floor pan whereas the OEM mats were just...plain. The rear OEM mats were basically just rectangles only about 2/3 as tall as the Lloyd mats, not providing any protection under the front seats. The Lloyd mats extend literally as far as they can under the seat, have cutouts for the seat mounts and protect much more of the rear carpet. The front mats fit better, cover more and with the embroidered "Impala SS" look 100x better than anything available from GM.

by Brian Roulstone on Lloyd Mats
Ford F150 1PC 2nd Seat Mat

Never in my lifetime did I think I would be so fired up about an auto mat that I would be posting a review. I own a 2013 F150 Limited which is absolutely gorgeous except...the rear mats. They were these two dinky little pathetic things. I researched a bunch of mats and had never heard of Lloyd's. After seeing the Leno video I figured if it's good enough for Jay it's good enough for me. I purchased the Ultimate 1PC 2nd Seat Mat from AutoAnything (black with contrasting red binding). I was shocked at the quality and fit of this rear seat floor mat which only made the previous ones from Ford look that much more ridiculous. I couldn't have had a tailor measure and fabricate a nicer floor mat. It literally covers the ENTIRE floor space in the back of my supercrew. It fits perfectly around the factory sub-woofer and even has a little flap that goes up the carpeted area just underneath the rear seat console which has the a/c vents etc for the rear passengers. This is absolutely AMAZING! My only regret now is that I didn't man-up and get the Luxe mat as I can only imagine how sweet that must be (the reason I didn't was you couldn't get contrast colored binding). If there's any negative it's that the red binding is not a perfect match with the red leather that comes standard in the Limited edition but it's close enough for government work and gives the mat a nice pop. It may be a function of AutoAnything's capabilities but I didn't see the logo options I was after either. I would have liked to have "Ford" or "Limited" to add some visual detail since the rear mat is so large so now I'm just getting picky since I left such an outrageously positive review. I'll never purchase another set of mats from an auto dealer in my life. Why every auto manufacturer in the free world doesn't have Lloyd create their mats (especially in higher end vehicles) is beyond me. It's like they run out of creativity and then just sling a basic mat in the car. Last time....Lloyd's Mats rock and epitomize what made in the USA should be about. Superior quality and supreme attention to detail.

by Mike Barone on Lloyd Mats
recent purchase-truberber mats

I recently purchased a set of 4 Lloyd dark gray Truberber floor mats from JCWhittney for my 82 BMW. I wanted to say that these mats are beautiful! They fit perfect for my make/model & look perfect/classy. The mat anchors provided were not even needed, as there was such a perfect fit. I am very happy with my purchase. If I ever need mats again, or know anyone who does, I will buy/recommend Lloyd Mats.Thank you.

by S Eaker on Lloyd Mats
Excellent fit, Great Cargo Mat

I am a diver and haul lots of wet gear. We also have to take our own trash to the dump on this island. I recently purchased a 2013 Toyota Rav4 and wanted to protect the cargo area from moisture and stains. I had used a tarp in my old Toyota and the fit was less than desirable. I decided on the Lloyd mat for my new SUV and am very pleased with the custom fit and quality. It's flexible so it allows easy access to the spare tire and the backing keeps it in place. The multiple dimples catch water so a lip around the edge isn't necessary. I didn't experience any rubber odor but I have heard you can wash with mild soap and vanilla added to the water to eliminate that. I am very pleased with this mat and it is priced right.

by Dave on Lloyd Mats
Berber Subaru Outback

I received my Lloyd Mats (ordered through California Car Covers) yesterday to replace my 3.5 year old 2010 Outback mats. All I can say is that I wish I hadn't waited for the original ones to wear out -- these Lloyd mats are superior in every way!

by Dale Miller on Lloyd Mats
Cargo Mat

I just received the mat I ordered for the cargo area in my new (2012) Chevy Equinox and it was just perfect. It looks great and the size was right on. I will definitely keep Lloyd Mats in mind for any other needs of this type.

by Blair Williams on Lloyd Mats
2000 Silverado Floor Mats

I was very nervous to order on line again after my negative experience with Weather Tech. I am so pleased with my mats,they fit perfect ! They are a very quality product. I chose the classic weave and went with the Silverado logo sewn in ! Awesome ! Thank You !

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