Mats For Camaro

Lloyd Mats manufactures five types of floor mats for Camaros with trademark emblems from the classic “Gen One” 1967-1969 to the current Camaro SS. Lloyd Mats are made under license from General Motors and feature all the popular and correct logos including the legendary Z28, SS and RS.

Available carpet mats include Ultimat, Velourtex, LUXE, Berber 2 and Classic Loop, as well as Rubbertite and Protector series of composition rubber and clear vinyl mats. In addition to front mats, Lloyd Mats are made for all back seat, deck and trunk applications. All Lloyd Mats are precision made using computer driven cutting equipment and CAD created patterns for the greatest coverage and protection of your vehicle.

Carpet mats are made in matching and complementary Camaro interior colors, with complementary colored logos. There are seven first generation Camaro logos, nine second generation (1970-1981 Camaro) logos, three for the third generation (1982-1992 Camaro), four fourth generation (1993-2002 Camaro) and 16 Camaro designs for the fifth generation Camaro (2010-2015), four sixth generation designs including the new 2017 50th Anniversary Logo. Lloyd’s Camaro mats can also be customized with Bowtie and Chevrolet Racing emblems, lifestyle, military and personalized text designs.

All Lloyd Mats come with factory compatible mat retention hardware, or Lloyd’s proprietary mat anchoring device to keep mats in place.

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